Nathan Sykes

TheWantedMusic.Com Biography :

Nathan James Sykes, born 18th April 1993 in Gloucestershire. Proud to admit that he looks like a feature on the website (featuring, curiously, Robbie Williams’ teenage eyes). Attended Sylvia Young’s Theatre School from age 11, enduring 5 a.m commuter starts each day. Winner of several singing competitions including ‘Britney Spears Karaoke Kriminals’ in 2003. Doyen of sarcasm and dry humour whose spectacularly rude quips cannot be printed in a family publication. Jay: “He also does great piano playing and has a good set of teeth.” Nathan: “These aren’t fake!” Diehard Manchester United supporter and lover of all good soul and R&B music. Has contemplated calling the Wanted’s second album “Alan”.

Wikipedia.Org Biography :

Nathan James Sykes,18 April 1993 (age 18), grew up in Abbeydale, Gloucester with his mother, who was a music teacher and younger sister. He started singing and performing at the age of 6 and attended Sylvia Young’s theatre school from the age of 11. He continued to perform as a child singer winning various competitions including “Britney Spears’s Karaoke Kriminals” in 2003, The Cheltenham Competitive Festival of Dramatic Art also in 2003. He appeared on ITV‘s Ministry of Mayhem in 2004, and won the Door Youth Project’s “Undiscovered Youth Talenhugyt Contest” held in Derker performing “Mack The Knife” and performed for the “Live and Unsigned“. Music Competition in Bristol in 2008.Sykes attempted to represent UK in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2004 held in Lillehammer, Norway. In the British qualifying finals, he sang “Born to Dance”coming 3rd overall, after winner Cory Spedding and runner-up Andrew Merry.


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